Cultural and national celebrations topically influence commerce, as there is a need for decorations, outfits, and gifts. A study found that Canadians spent approximately $1,420 on holidays in 2021. Many businesses take advantage of certain seasons by offering a product or service through a temporary or pop-up store. Seasonal stores are most common during fall and winter holidays, such as Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas.

Businesses meet customer demands by opening seasonal stores and offering unique products and services. However, a seasonal store that isn’t around all year round might be unfamiliar with common security risks. So, an efficient ID card system allows businesses to secure their store and ensure customers feel safe during their visits.

Reduce Risk of Shoplifting

According to the Retail Council of Canada, shoplifting accounts for up to $5 billion annually in losses for Canadian retailers. Although these statistics are for general losses over the year, the holiday season can contribute to the crime rate as many shoplifters are looking for expensive items available during the time.

An efficient ID card system can reduce shoplifting risk by enabling only authorized personnel to access valuable items. When expensive items are kept in the office or locked in showcases, only employees authorized to enter the areas can view those items, reducing the risk of shoplifters stealing the items.

Easily Identify Employees

When you run a seasonal business, it can be challenging to get familiar with all your new employees within a short time. Using efficient security products such as ID card systems allows you to identify employees and ensure that your store and merchandise are safe. You can use innovative ID card systems and custom badges to create ID cards that allow you to differentiate between staff and customers.

The latest technology offered by professional ID card system providers allows you to take a photo of your latest employee and print their ID card on the spot. Compare a few ID card products and find one that best suits your need and budget. If you purchase an efficient ID card printer, you can use the same device to print ID cards when you open a seasonal store next year.

Lower Risk of Unauthorized Access

You’re likely to have expensive or unique items in your store or warehouse, so it’s important to protect them. Utilizing a plastic ID card system will restrict unauthorized access to areas with expensive items. This is particularly beneficial when dealing with seasonal hires as you may not have enough time to perform a thorough background check of each employee.

An ID card system also ensures that your company remains safe even if your staff isn’t highly trained. Many seasonal stores hire young employees with limited experience. A robust security system ensures that your store is safe even if a mistake occurs. For example, you don’t have to worry about your staff fiddling around with keys and doors, as the ID card system will simplify the entry and exit process, reducing unforeseen security risks.

Security risks can take the fun out of seasonal shopping if you don’t take the proper measures for safety. Use an efficient ID card system to enhance the consumer shopping experience and reduce security risks for your company!



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