A paintball gun is an air gun that is your field weapon in the shooting sport of paintball. So read this article if you’ve been called upon the paintball field and don’t want to fall prey to your rival because of an inferior paintball gun. Psychological influences aside, the best paintball guns are the most trusted equipment to sweep the paintball field with a victory.

A player who wields his pick from the best paintball guns needn’t use any guerrilla tactics to beat his opponents….well he shoots them straight with unmatched precision. Of course, I don’t want you to just make a headlong choice from a list of the best paintball guns, that’s why I’ll draw before you their types, for you to know your paintball guns.

Types of Paintball Guns

You must choose the paintball gun which best suits your play and the game style. After all, it is used to establish field control.

Pump Paintball Gun

The pump paintball guns are the basic kind. With these, you have to manually push and pull the pump after shooting to load in another paintball. “Good old pump paintball guns”, someone must be thinking right now.

Machine Gun Paintball Gun

Putting it plainly, a machine gun paintball gun shoots very fast. Mind it that their shooting rate can be used to install panic amongst your rivals. After all, you’re holding a paintball gun that is named after the machine gun. No one on the field can remain calm at seeing Rambo in front of him.

Fully-Automatic Paintball Gun

If you need multiple shots to hit someone then the fully-automatic paintball gun would help your case. They shoot multiple paintballs at one pull of the trigger, and those too fast. These aren’t allowed in tournaments but no one can stop you from coloring your office colleague with it.

Semi-Automatic Paintball Gun

One pull, one shot. The semi-automatic paintball gun is the accepted common choice since it’s simple to use and relieves a player of the work of having to pump the paintball gun every time before shooting which is a major operation in the pump paintball gun.

Electropneumatic Paintball Gun

The electropneumatic paintball guns don’t have the mechanical link between the trigger and the paintball gun action. Instead, the pull activates an electronic switch that passes the information to a circuit board which facilitates a considerable increase in the shooting rate.


With its programmable firing mode, we can make use of the 3 shot burst and ramping – it allows a player to implement a controlled bps (balls per second), once the set number of trigger pulls required in a set time are executed. Also, the electropneumatic paintball gun is the most expensive kind.

Continuing the article, below are three of the “best paintball guns” in the market right now.

Tippmann Cronus Tactical Marker

Prior even to its upgrades that include a mock silencer, carry handle and an adjustable stock, the beauty of this paintball gun was defined not only by its performance capacity but also by the military appeal that it aroused due to its appearance. An overall gem that has no substitute in the market right now when all the aspects such as performance levels, durability, and aesthetic value are considered. The Tippmann Cronus Tactical Marker costs about Rs 9,500.

Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker

Coming under the umbrella of ‘premium paintball guns’, the GS is a strong choice regardless of its price tag which is on the higher side. It is the ready choice for players who opt for speed and accuracy which is enhanced by its lightweight. It is considered to be one of the quietest paintball guns in the market.

Dye Proto Rail MaXXed

The Dye Proto Rail MaXXed shoots straight and it shoots up to 15 bps. When teamed with the quality match, such numbers can only be found in the best paintball guns and this paintball gun quite effectively lives up to its fame. Its low recoil provides the player with a winning accuracy.

Of course, the theory of success in the sport of paintball is not so simple, but having your pick from the best paintball guns does help you in turning the wave of the battle to your side…you might just become the master of the paintball field with these.



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