People love to workout and it helps them remain active and immune to various diseases. Especially in the post COVID world, it has become even more important to be physically fit.

It is this spirit that keeps people pushing to take care of self and the people around them.

Talking about workouts, we all have those heavy workout days when we feel a sense of achievement after a crazy workout. But it is followed by muscle pain and lactic acid accumulation.

Nobody can beat a great massage after a crazy workout but we all don’t have time or money to do it every now and then and that’s why Massage Guns exist in this world.

A good workout and a deep tissue massage gun go hand in hand. It’s a device that has become a companion to a regular gym-goer.

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How Does a Massage Gun Work?

A massage gun is a fitness gadget and it helps muscles recover faster. It decreases muscle pain, muscle fat, and lactic acid accumulations. Massage guns also help to relieve pain immediately. It can improve your flexibility of muscles, muscle stiffness and decrease stress.

A massage gun is helpful for overall fitness. So it is a good option to get massage therapy from the comfort of home.

Many massage gun users use this gadget and relax their muscles and boost muscle power, increasing blood circulation easily without going anywhere.

Benefits of a massage Gun

A massage gun can offer you various benefits such as –

Pain Reliever

A massage gun helps you relieve pain, overcome muscle soreness, fatigue and combat stiffness giving you maximum comfort at home.

For Professional Athletes

A percussion massage gun as a muscle recovery tool is best for athletes and gym-goers. It improves the range of motions by increasing blood flow in the muscles. This massager is the best choice for athletes after a heavy workout to fast track their recovery process and feel relaxed.


Safe & Easy

A portable handheld device , safe and easy to use. Use is at home, office, gym or while travelling. It goes where you go.

Features of a Massage Gun

Only Massagers have a wide variety of great massage guns which are cherry picked after a detailed analysis.

Highlighting some of those features for you –

Massage Heads for Every Need

In the packaging, 4-5 massage heads are provided for different body parts. Each massage head has a different purpose. Use the big ball head for large muscle groups, spade shaped head can be used for the whole body bone, bifork head is for spine and neck, flat head is used for all parts of body for deep and soft tissue relaxation. Use any one of them according to your need.

Long Lasting Battery

Forget about charging it every now and then. Most of Only Massagers massage guns have a battery capacity of 2500 mAh or more. Also offer fast charging with a longer battery span. It takes nearly 2 hours to get charged fully and then you are good for 5-6 hours depending on your usage.

Strong Body Cover

It’s strong body cover got you covered. Made from nylon 66 and glass fiber which makes it anti breakable. Use your massager comfortably without any fear of breaking after you accidentally drop it down.

Different and natural percussions

A massage gun usually has 20-30 speed level percussion adjustments. In general, 1 to 4 level adjustments are for light and gentle massage, 5 to 8 levels are used for middle massage, 9 to 12 level for muscle awakening, 13 to 16 level for fascia massage and 17 & onwards level massage can be used by athletes and professionals for a strong massage.

Silent Operation

It delivers quite a massage experience operating under 38dB~50dB.

Where To Find A Perfect Massage Gun For Yourself?

Massage guns are a craze nowadays and they are available in the market. But where to find the best one for yourself. offers a special range of cherry picked massage guns in the USA. Shop your massage gun today and have a perfect massage experience at the comfort of your home.



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