Most accidents are unexpected – occurring anytime and anywhere, and can affect you both financially and emotionally. There’s no saying the many ways in which an accident can affect your life – it can range from inability to work due to a fracture or do daily tasks due to disability. And since accidents are unprecedented, there’s no way to prepare for such incidents.

In such cases, having Personal Accident Insurance comes in handy. This policy ensures that you and your family get the desired support in the event of an accident. It even covers additional expenses that arise due to the accident. It includes the costs involved in making modifications to your property or vehicle if the accident resulted in a disability, and weekly compensation if the accident resulted in the loss of income.

Is There an Age Limit to Personal Accident Insurance?

Anyone between the ages of 18 to 69 can buy a Personal Accident Insurance policy. There is a family option for the coverage, under which dependent children up to the age of 25 can be covered.

What is Covered by Personal Accident Insurance?

The Personal Accident Insurance policy offers coverage under the following circumstances:

Accidental Death

If the accident results in the death of the insured, the nominee is compensated with the Sum Insured.

Permanent Total Disability

If the accident results in a permanent total disability that continues for more than 12 months, the insurance provider will provide the insured with the full Sum Insured.

Permanent Partial Disability

If the accident results in a permanent partial disability, the insured receives a percentage of the sum insured.

Why Should I opt for a Personal Accident Cover?

This cover provides financial support at a time of great distress and is extremely beneficial no matter your age. Whether you’re 18 or 69 – this cover offers a variety of benefits to ensure that you are covered not only in terms of medical expenses but those other expenses that aren’t medical but still affected by the accident.

Here Are Some of The Policy Features That Benefit All Age Groups

Weekly Compensation

Weekly compensation for loss of income is provided for those who lost their job or are unable to work due to their disability caused by the accident.

Private Tuition Fee

Students who are unable to attend school or college on account of the injury receive compensation for their tuition fees.

Hospital Daily Cash

A daily allowance is provided under this cover for hospitalisation expenses that arise due to the accident.

Family Transportation

This policy covers the expenses required to transport family members of the insured to the accident site, in the event of accidental death or permanent total disability.

Residence/vehicle Modification Expenses

If the accident results in the total or partial disability of the insured, certain modifications are required at their residence and to their vehicle in order to make them accessible. These expenses are covered by the policy.


No matter how old you are, accidents can occur. Despite its unpredictability, you can ensure that you’re prepared financially by taking the right insurance policy.

With Chola MS’ Personal Accident Insurance cover, you can insure yourself with adequate coverage to avoid additional distress later on if an accident occurs.



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