It’s important to stay fit at any age. Adults need to do it, but kids do as well. That’s why it’s helpful for families to pursue their fitness goals together.

However, you probably don’t have unlimited financial resources. With that in mind, let’s look at some ideas for planning family fitness activities on a budget.

#1. Use Apps

It seems as though there’s technology these days to help you with just about anything. For instance, if you’re thinking about loan consolidation, you might look into a loan consolidation calculator to help with that.

As for family fitness, there are apps available now that can get your kids motivated if you’re trying to get them to exercise. Many of them are either free or modestly priced. You can even do the exercises with your kids. It’s a way you can bond, and you can burn some calories at the same time as they do.

GoNoodle is one example of an app you might want to look into as a family. It has fun songs and dance moves both you and your younger kids should enjoy. You can choose exercise programs that focus on breathing, stretching, or guided dance.

There is also a GoNoodle YouTube channel if you’d prefer to watch that instead of downloading the app. You’ll find fitness routines featuring characters your kids will recognize, such as Spongebob and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

#2. Plan Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities are another budget-friendly option for families with kids as they’re often either inexpensive or free. Getting bikes for the whole family is one way to go. The initial financial outlay might seem costly, but once you have the bikes, you don’t need to spend any additional money on them, except perhaps a little for maintenance.

If you don’t have the money for bikes right now, you can also take your kids to the nearest park and use the walking or jogging trails. You can either walk or jog with your kids, and you can stop to point out the local flora or fauna along the way.

#3. Create an At-Home Gym

If the weather isn’t nice, spending the day at home and exercising with the kids is also possible. If you’ve got a spare room, consider turning it into a small gym. You might get an exercise bike, free weights, and a yoga mat.

You can often locate these items at a Goodwill if you don’t want to spend as much to buy them new. Also, if you’re going to get them new but don’t want to break the bank, you might purchase inexpensive versions at a Walmart or Target location. The yoga mats, exercise bikes, and other fitness equipment you find there will not cost as much as a brand-new Peloton or other high-end fitness paraphernalia.

Family Fitness On a Budget is Possible

Family fitness is possible even if you don’t have a ton of money to spend on it. You can look for apps like GoNoodle that can show you fitness activities both you and your kids can enjoy. You can also look into bike riding if you have enough in your budget for bikes for your family members, or you can walk or jog around your local parks.

You also may want to set up a makeshift gym in your home by purchasing an exercise bike, yoga mat, free weights, resistance bands, etc. You can often find these used at Goodwill or buy cheaper versions at Target or Walmart.

If you work out as a family, that’s a way you can all motivate each other. You can also avoid dropping too much money on fitness activities if you follow our suggestions.



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