Most of the top companies do the hiring process to find the best candidates for their work. All company wants best one, so they tests do Case Interview. A lot of company has made this a core of the hiring process, this is the main method of Consulting companies.

So, let see what is all about Case Interview and how does it include…


A case interview or Case Study interview is a king technique to check the thinking and problems solving skills of the candidate. Here in this interview the interviewer gives a case of a business that contains the strategic problem, starting the business in the market, and or profit growth and wants a good and appropriate strategy as per the interviewee.

In simple words, the candidates have to solve the business cases and hurdles in the company. As we know this is often used by management-level jobs, and consulting firms.

Let See This With Some Question;

  • We have a company about a restaurant name “ABC Burger king” and falling profits, what will you do for it?
  • A company CEO wants to remove their plants. Is this a good idea?
  • Some banks want to amalgamate into 2 banks. How can they achieve the goals?

Why the Company Conducts This Type of Interview?

This is one of the popular techniques for the interview, and it requires logical reasoning, communication, and other quality in candidates. Because the consultant has to spend time with the client, and need to be very logical and productive mind.

In the Case Interview, they check you soft skill along with hard skill. Because of the situation arrangement for a situation talk with it is additionally a trial of general business discernment.

Numerous specialist tasks will be in enterprises where the advisors aren’t specialists, particularly junior experts. This is typical, yet to be successful as an expert business intuition is a significant establishment for advisors to keep up compelling procedure suggestions. Organizations pay advisors for their brains as opposed to their industry mastery.

Some Attributes Take Place to Monitor During the Case Interview

Structure and Logic: In the consultancy firm you have to solve strategic issues. This means you have to be logical and keep it in a good structure. Means here you have to make a big problem into small and keep them into a structure so the client can understand it easily.

Analytics: This is also a very vital component of attributes checked by the interviewer. You have to analyze the data of the company before taking any decision of step.

Soft Skills: Soft skill is also so important as a consultant, Soft skill includes communication skill. Here you have to show your verbal and non-verbal communication skills, and this will be monitored during an interview.

Business Sense: This means how good your knowledge is on business-related ideas and topics. You know management-related terms and other kinds of stuff.

Thought Leadership: This is the last attribute and here you come up with ideas and suggestions. And share this with his/her client to execute.



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