Today, the largest and most significant producer of the mechanical watch is the Nomos Glashutte Watches, and it is introduced in the Baseworld in the year 2018 with a new design that users didn’t expect. Many facts are known about this brand, but there are many exciting things to know about this watch during the wall of the wall in Berlin.

Only Horology’s Finest

Heyne Mirko leads the Nomos Glashütte team, and he is the co-founder of the independent German darling Heyne and Lang. Back in the year 2001, Mirko Heyne and Marco Lang teamed up to have their own factory in Dresden. After a year, they introduced their product to Baselworld. But, in the year of 2002, Hayne left the team and started his new company.

He made a new development team that will lead him to his first introduction. They have different kinds of innovations, such as the System Swing and the 3001 DUW movements. Marco land invented his new watch design and kept the brand name before realizing it to the market while still producing 50 different watches per year.

Limited Edition Pieces

Like the other brands globally, the Nomos watch has a history of having a limited watch edition that will only be available in a selected boutique and will also be distributed to restricted countries. This consists of a new colorway with a little dial design commemorating the occasion and the jeweler.

On the other hand, Nomos produced a new unique watch design that will reflect the brand’s strategy unexpectedly. A little standout will include the Tangente Nomos New York, the Tangente Nomos Millenium 200, and the Nomos Urushi Tangente. This watch is available only in Japan and Austria.

Collaboration With Doctors Without Borders

Way back in 2012, the Nomos company collaborated with Granzen Artze, the affiliate in Germany called the Doctors Without Borders is a Limited edition design that raises funds for world aid. Before the Nomos watch can finally partner with the humanitarian organization worldwide, they must first confirm their materials’ production method.

The Doctor Without Borders required the Nomos company to have an ethical guideline. The watch design is formed by small changes such as the borders underneath the 12 o’clock and the six o’clock. It also has a black case back that was engraved to signify the merit of the watch design.

Next Stop Glashutte

Most of the brand’s designs are made in Berlin. The Nomos, on the other hand, has three separate buildings inside the horological Glashutte town. The little village is located about a two-hour drive from Berlin and another hour from Dresden. Nomos has three different buildings where the movements and watches are built.

The main building of all their operations is inside the Glashutte near the train station. This is all where the work happens. Nomos company also hosts a Baseworld party annually at the bezel of German Once a year. They had a big upgrade when they separated from their partner because they made all the new plans and ideas without any problem.

Taking It In-House

The Nomos company celebrated the house’s movements because they still produce it since 2005 until this present time. Different kinds of innovations will stand out among all of them. The Swing System was available in the market in 2013, and the 3001 DUW has introduced the year after. They completely changed the approach of the production.

The Swing System is used in all of the recent models of Nomos watches. It enables the watch brand to rely on its supplier and has a major upgrade for its production capabilities. The 3001 DUW is a complete package that produces a caliber that can utilize the Swing System.

Among other Nomos watch inventions, the Minimatik, Metro, Ludwig, Orion, and Tangente are on the top of the best watch for most people who tried and used it. The previously Autobahn unveiled and updated the lens of the 6101 DUW. The 3001 DUW is only 3.3 mm, and it has a feature of all the vintage attributes of the watchmaking of Germans.


This watch is suitable for any outfit, but it is best to wear it using jeans and a shirt because it is more attractive to wear them ruggedly. Nomos watches developed a perfect algorithm for producing the best watches. In today’s generation, this watch breaks people’s boundaries because many of them expect it to be an excellent and good watch that will fit them.



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