The Bitcoin ATM is an internet-connected machine that allows customers for purchasing bitcoins and another cryptocurrency with the deposited cash. The Bitcoin ATM is not the same as the regular ATM, enabling bank customers to physically transfer funds, deposit, or withdraw in one user’s bank account. The Bitcoin ATMs produce blockchain-based transactions that send cryptocurrency for users’ digital wallets, often through QR codes.

About Bitcoin ATMs 

Bitcoin ATM will allow the customers to purchase the cryptocurrency. However, the use of the ATM is a misnomer. Machines are not available in these ATMs that don’t dispense cash. These are the kiosks connected to the Bitcoin network and allow the customers to purchase crypto. The Bitcoin ATMs are rarely operated by major institutions and don’t connect with the customers to the bank account.

The buyer will scan the QR code corresponding to the own wallet address and for which the coins or token are transferred. If the buyer doesn’t have a wallet, a new one can also generate. After purchasing, a record of bitcoin will appear in the customer wallet though this might take several minutes for processing.


There are various reasons which someone might choose to use the Bitcoin ATM. Some people might like convenience, machines while others might prefer anonymity. You can also use such ATMs to withdraw your money by exchanging your Bitcoin. According to the investors, people should consider this investment as a long-term investment and they should not sell their Bitcoin to get a high return. So to get the best returns, you can invest in Bitcoin through ATMs, but you must store them in your wallet.

  • Privacy

Anonymity is crucial to many people, especially the extensive KYC procedures that many cryptos require. These are necessary for preventing fraud and remaining compliant in certain jurisdictions.  So if you want to save your time then you can choose such ATMs.

While using the Bitcoin ATM, you do not need to deal with such documentation. You might walk up and use a machine right away. Remember, some ATMs will request specific identification information, especially cases involving huge quantities.

  • Convenience

Factors are also crucial since you don’t have to waste time signing up for the exchange. There is no need to choose the crypto exchange you wish to use.

  • No Bank Account Required

For transacting in crypto exchange, you will need any bank account and e-wallet for fiat money, credit card. ATMs typically accept cash, and you can use your fiat currency to buy cryptocurrencies.

  • Less Knowledge Required

Others will appreciate the ability for purchasing cryptocurrency through the Bitcoin ATM without getting proper knowledge of technology. There are very few tech steps for buying the bitcoin through the ATM compared to any exchange.

  • Stay Updated About Fees

Before deciding to use the Bitcoin ATM, you must consider the fees. Compared to the online platforms, ATMs charge high fees. They can also get away with these because of the convenience and anonymity involved in your purchase. You must expect for paying as seven to twelve per cent while using the ATM. So might even charge around fifteen per cent. In contrast, you will likely pay lower fees if you have bitcoin on the exchange.

  • Stay Updated On Limits

It would be best to remember that most crypto ATMs have a limit in place. The limit will usually be between $1000 to $10000. The limit is also there for protecting machines as the robbers will not get tempted by the potentially large sums. It can also let ATMs avoid complying with the AML or KYC requirements which might apply to most transactions.

  • Make Sure To Have A Wallet

You have to open your wallet if you wish to use the ATM. Choose the mobile bitcoin wallet since the buying process involves scanning the QR code on ATM. If you purchase Bitcoin at ATM, you can move the token to the app. It is a trusted platform by many investors and you can try this app to buy Bitcoin.


This article has discussed the bitcoin ATM and how you can operate them.  Bitcoin ATMs are available in limited locations and you must check whether any ATM is available in your city or not. If you want to save your transaction fees charged by these ATMs, then you must choose an online exchange.



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