The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the global economy very badly. Countries went into lockdown in the hope to slow down the spread of the virus. After more than seven months, the world is beginning to reopen in a hope to reestablish a stable economy. With a vaccine yet to come, businesses need to take proper safety measures for their employees and customers.

The most common symptom of COVID-19 is mild to severe fever. So, temperature check is an extremely important step for every business. The temperature check can be done very easily with a contactless thermometer, which gives quick and accurate results.

Features of Whizley’s Contactless Thermometer

Contact Free

This innovative thermometer was specially designed to record the temperature of the human body from a distance of 3 to 5 cm from the forehead. The lack of physical contact helps prevent the transmission of viruses and other microbes.

Fast and Convenient

The thermometer features a fast reading LED display and an accurate, instant-reading, smart sensor. These components help enhance the speed and accuracy of the device.

Alert System

The contact-free thermometer comes with an effective high temperature warning system. It alerts employees whenever a person with higher-than-normal body temperature is trying to enter the premises, so that any such entries can be prevented.

Energy Conservation

To conserve energy and enhance cost-effectiveness, the contactless thermometer features an automatic power-off feature, which allows it to be turned off if left unused for more than 30 seconds at a time.

In recent months contactless thermometers have become one of the most demanded products. Public areas like restaurants, supermarkets, schools, and hospitals are making widespread use of the wireless thermometers to prevent the spread of the virus.

With over 27 years of experience, the PPE industry, Whizley has produced a world-class wireless, touch-free thermometer to enhance the efficiency, safety, and cost-effectiveness of your business operations.

With the current global scenario, every business should get contactless thermometers along with other necessary products like hand-sanitizers, disinfectants, and ensure other safety protocols like social distancing and wearing face masks to ensure the safety of their customers and employees.



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