Trying to find a reliable people search engine is a challenging task, particularly in 2023. With the increasing popularity in the subgenre of search engines, it has become overcrowded with subpar spyware-ridden websites and endless pop-up advertisements.

Even worse, some of the better options are relegated to the deeper pages of Google as worse choices sit in the first few pages of search engines.

To give people lost in the world of sponsored search results and poor people’s search engines a chance, we will be covering some of the best free alternatives out there. The following paragraphs will give some insight into the best free reverse phone lookup options on the internet today.

Free Reverse Phone Lookups (The Best Choices)

The truth is that trying to find a comprehensive reverse phone lookup is not easy; in fact, it’s likely impossible. The free options usually leave something to be desired, while other “free” choices keep the premium package hidden until a person has spent fifteen minutes using the service.

By the time they are close to results, they are forced to enter credit card information or abandon their inquiry altogether.

People search engines are helpful, and being able to lookup people, phones, and addresses is a fantastic tool for many people. However, finding one worthwhile free choice will take a lot of work. Instead, we will look at the better free options and how to use them together to achieve a better result.

Reverse phone lookups are not an exact science and can give information from a previous phone number owner or outdated details about the current owner. Because of this, it is essential to double-check to ensure your inquiries are accurate and correct.


Cocofinder is refreshing because it is true to its word; the search is entirely free. You will not need to go through an arduous sign-up process, and the website design is simple and efficient to use. It has a few notable upsides outside of its price tag, which should be taken advantage of.

Cocofinder offers public details about a person, such as previous places of work and addresses. It also does a basic scrub of the internet to find any social media profiles associated with the phone number entered and can potentially bring up criminal records. Finally, you can refine your search with additional details if the results are too broad.


Like the previous entry, Searchquarry has a handy and interesting free reverse phone lookup with enough individual perks to warrant a mention. There is a notable overlap between Searchquarry and the other choices listed, though this can help double-check information to ensure accuracy.

Searchquarry will provide a phone lookup with the previous and current addresses of the owner of the number, any criminal history the person may have had, and any other aliases. Uniquely, it can also give a list of email addresses, which may help refine future searches.


If Cocofinder excelled at social media and Searchquarry excelled at e-mail addresses, Peekyou finds its selling point in its phone number listings. While it offers many of the same perks as the other websites (including social media accounts potentially), it stands out by being able to list other phone numbers associated with the person found.

It will also give any aliases of the person, previous names, potentially their e-mail, and previous physical addresses. PeekYou is an excellent tool to use after the other two, as it can help ensure that the information provided to you is correct. The biggest downside to reverse phone lookups, particularly free ones, is the risk of inaccurate or outdated information.


Summary of Best Free Reverse Phone Lookups

When you have to go the free route, it pays to be clever. So, instead of suffering through one search engine, bring up a notepad and jot down the essential details you find with each search. Go to the next one, check for accuracy, and see if the new information can help future digging.

Reverse phone lookups are one of the best digital tools for giving new information, which can be used to get further details when used in tandem with address or people searches. While it may not be as efficient as a paid alternative, that doesn’t mean it can’t be just as comprehensive.



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