Have you ever tried to find a free crm system? If yes, then you probably noticed that for this request you receive a bunch of offers of trial versions of CRM systems.

CRM is a long-term tool, so if you don’t want to spend a budget on a program, the trial will not work for you. We have compiled the top free crm systems, in which you will find both the best free crm for startups, and several foreign analogues.

Bitrix 24

Pros: Has a wide range of functions that you can configure yourself – leave the necessary ones, delete the rest. You can set tasks, manage sales and contact employees without leaving the program. There is a mobile application.

Cons: It will take time to figure out how to work in the system. Chances are, not all features will be useful to you. This tariff does not include the connection of a contact database from other messengers, for example, WhatsApp. That is, you will not be able to send messages directly from the CRM system to the social network. Also, the free plan does not include sales analytics. All this can be connected for money.


Pros: There is a registration form for the site, tracking advertising campaigns online, and a free tool for email newsletters, albeit very limited. The free version supports up to 2000 one-time emails per month. This means that if you have more than 500 contacts in your database, then you will not be able to make more than one mailing per week – a serious limitation if you use email as a channel for promotion.

Cons: Lots of features. It would seem that this is great: there is plenty to choose from. In fact, it is not easy to understand all the fields and functions, especially for those who had no prior experience with CRM.

Another disadvantage is the lack of Russification. If some of the employees speak English for you, this greatly complicates the implementation of such a system. Connecting telephony will not be easy, if not impossible.


Pros: Freshsales is well suited for mid-sized B2B businesses. The limit of 10 users and 10,000 records allows you to give access to multiple sales managers and get familiar with the system before switching to a paid plan.

Cons: If the processes in the company are not built according to the classic B2B sales funnel, Freshsales will not work:

  • Unnecessary sections,
  • Confusion in entities (for example, contact and lead) will lead to a decrease in employee efficiency.

Smarty CRM

Pros: Smarty CRM has almost everything you need from an online organizer: projects, goals, notes. All of this is easy to customize and customize. It is convenient for freelancers that customers can be connected to the system to discuss details of work in chats. For each entity (contacts, goals, projects), you can customize your funnel and choose to display cards.

Cons: Smarty CRM does not have one of the main usual components of a CRM system – deal cards that could be linked to contacts. There are projects, but it was not possible to link them to contacts. This will be an obstacle for those companies in which customers are not one-time, but come again and again. Another feature of Smarty CRM is that there are no integrations in the system.

Capsule CRM

Pros: The most convenient and simple CRM system that you can implement on your own without resorting to anyone’s help. Capsule lets you add contacts, schedule tasks, and track deals through the sales pipeline.

Cons: Menu in English. Only 2 employees can use CRM for free. You can set tasks only when the paid version is connected. Integration with other systems is possible for money, however, all services are foreign, and not all will be convenient for companies:

  • G Suite;
  • Xero;
  • QuickBooks;
  • MailChimp;
  • Wufoo.


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