Setting aside funds for your children’s graduation and university years is no small feat, and for the majority of people almost impossible, at least while they’re still in kindergarten. However, if you have the financial ability to put even a small percentage into an investment portfolio then you shouldn’t hesitate.

Caring for kids daily is tough enough, having to think about how to pay for Uni doesn’t need to be the added weight on your plate, with careful planning it can be one less thing to worry about.

Now when little Charlie claims he is going to be an astronaut one day you will have the funds to send him to space college to make his dreams come true, after all, isn’t that what being a parent is all about.

Securing a Brighter Tomorrow

The future is bright, full of promises, but that doesn’t go to say that you can simply sit back and enjoy a free ride, there is some work on your part to make it happen. You need to start, essentially, as early as your budget allows, and as you get more comfortable you can increase your payments and overall account growth.

The stock market, property trading, and even crypto are all well-maintained forms of income, but if you are looking for a commodity that is staying true to its name then you need to think of precious metals. More particularly at gold.

Finding out the why and how is easy enough when you have industry professionals to help guide and advise you along the way, and if this is something you have been dwelling on for a while but hesitant to take the first step on, may be the answer to all those late-night hours of research and note-making.

It is no secret that gold has been around for as long as we can remember and its value remains stable despite the collapses and rebuilds of the economy, if you want financial and investment stability then gold is a quality consideration. This way you know that should something happen at work, you get laid off, or retrenched, and you have a safety net to fall back on.

If everything goes according to plan and for the most part it does, you can keep it for tertiary education or if that is not on the cards for them, a well-deserved vacation to celebrate life and graduating. Win-win.

Growing Your Investment

Buying gold bars and lining your safe is not the only way to invest or put your money into this precious metal, there are means and methods to look into it. While it is always nice to see exactly where your money is, (because let’s be honest with all the transactional and conversion fees we have no idea) depending on how much you have on hand it can become tricky to store.

Plus when the time comes and you need cash quickly, trying to liquidate gold bars or bullion coins may not be as easy as you would like it to be and can take the time that you don’t have.

If bars are not for you either aesthetically or financially your easiest option is to purchase a few pieces of jewelry. Gold jewelry is always in fashion, there is always a supply and demand factor, and they are far easier to pack away in a safety deposit box behind your thick knitted sweaters.

There are other possibilities like gold certificates or gold-backed futures trading, of course, it all depends on your finances and how you prefer to manage and maintain your funds.

The Benefits to Consider Investing

Leaving aside the obvious reason of wanting to save and ideally build a comfortable lump sum of money for your future and retirement, there are more advantages to investing than you know. Let’s take a quick look at what some of them could be.

  • Long-term. It is a commitment that you reap the reward of in the long run. Once you get into the routine of adding funds either by debit order into an IRA account or through a broker transferring profits from trade sales and purchases before you know it you will have saved a lovely nest egg to do with as you see fit when you reach your golden years.
  • Tailored. There is no right or wrong way, you invest with a budget your feel comfortable with for as long as you wish. It is a flexible savings option that you can edit and tweak as you go through life.

The list is endless and we could be here all day which would be great, but alas that discussion will have to be for another day, so take a moment to read this interesting article on the positives of investing and be well-versed in the world you are about to embark on for the next chapter of your life.

  • Build. This is a safe way to ‘build’ your wealth, with minimal risk and maximum results what have you got to lose? You can keep adding to the growing sum. You may have gotten a bonus at work, turn a few of those deserved dollars into a handful of golden nuggets, a watch, or an investment pair of earrings for the missus.

When it comes to investing you can never be too late or too early, the main objective is to make a decision that takes care of you financially for the future.



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