A sugary snack and energy drink can see you through the last hurdle when you are hard-pressed to meet a deadline. However, it would be best if you also contended that this route comes at a price. Health concerns have seen some popular energy drinks like Red Bull be banned in Norway, France, Uruguay, and Germany. But they have relaxed restrictions on taurine, which is found in many energy drinks. Nevertheless, Uruguay still holds a tough stand against Red Bull.

Deaths related to caffeine overdose have been documented, and this has seen some countries bring in stiffer regulations on the production and sale of energy-boosting drinks. Overall, the beverage a short-time enhancer with some health implications. But is there a better alternative that offers lasting and sustainable energy?

Health experts say the secret to having and maintaining good energy levels is eating healthily, getting enough restful sleep, and exercising regularly. Neglecting any of the three will result in a dip in your energy reserves. Below are some handy tips on how to get natural energy.

Get Your Blood Pumping

A brisk walk around your neighborhood, a short jog, or running a flight of stairs instead of taking the lift will get your blood running. The increased blood flow means your brain gets more oxygen, and it also helps reduce the feeling of fatigue. Studies suggest that people who exercise regularly have higher and more consistent energy levels than those who do not.

Drink Green Tea

Green tea does have caffeine, but its health benefits are far more remarkable compared to the former. Japanese researchers found that consuming four cups of green tea daily for four months increased the performance levels in endurance athletes by roughly 8% to 24%.

Chill Out

Stress-related emotions consume significant energy amounts, making you feel exhausted whenever you have an emotional crisis. Controlled breathing and medication can help you counter stress, thus preserving your energy that would have been drained by anxiety and worrying.

Drink Water

Water helps cleanse the body while keeping it hydrated. Dehydration lowers the functions of your body organs, making you feel fatigued. Therefore, take the recommended daily amount of water.

 Eat At Regular Intervals

Substituting your breakfast for a carb-heavy lunch will result in a post-lunch energy dip. Instead, consider playing it wisely with protein-rich lunch and some veggies on the side.

Have Healthy Snacks On Hand

A pack of almonds or roasted pumpkin seeds is a healthier alternative to that Snickers bar you keep at your desk to fuel up when you feel a crash looming.

Spruce Up Your Desk

Do away with that toxic office environment devoid of pictures, personal objects, and a few plants. Research suggests that having these things in your workplace will help you have better moods and energy.

Grab A Desk Plant

A small desk plant can be an excellent addition to your office or workspace. Studies show people that have plants within their surrounding are more productive. That means you are less likely to feel drained as you jump from one task to another.


Stop, Collaborate And Listen

Getting a bit social is good for your moods and energy. Collaborate with your workmates when you feel overwhelmed and exhausted. Come up with a way of redistributing some of the workloads, helping each other ensure deadlines are met without taking a toll on you. We have suggested the best project management systems worth considering for effective team collaboration.

Take A Nap

If you feel sleepy, you probably did not get enough slumber, which is essential, or you are tired from work, and your body needs to wind down for some time. Consider upgrading your mattress with one from Nectar. It would be best if you did not fight it, instead, rush to the breakroom or your car to take a short power nap. Roughly 30 minutes can be enough to get you fired up.



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