YesMovies is a source of entertainment that provides free movie streaming in many languages. This is considering the best platform to provide numerous movies, web series, and TV shows of your choice in full HD results. The quality of these movies is, these are available in different formats like 360p, 480p, 720HD, and 1040HD full HD.

This is one of the best sites for movie lovers to jump into and get your most liked movies, documentaries, and TV shows for free. Not only do YesMovies provides Hollywood movies but also deal with the other industries as well like Asian, French, and Hong Kong.

It is sorted to provide the different genres of movies, action, love story, intimated, history, horror, fantasy, crime, and mystery movies available here to enjoy.

Why We Should Use YesMovies?

This is the first priority of people to look for platforms that are free and contain a variety of movies in different languages. Interestingly, Yesmovies contributes to offer the people various movies without demanding to charge as well as with glorious features and qualities. This has great value and significance for people to enjoy this platform.

How Does YesMovies Work?

This is online movie streaming that is being used by third-party uploaders. The operating system of the website seems very easy, allowing the users to get the preferred movie just by clicking on the search button to enjoy your favorite movies.

Here are plenty of quality movies that you can not find on the other platforms. As compared with the other sites, this has hundreds of movies, TV shows, and TV series to delight the users. Interestingly the features makes its worth double to lead the another competitor websites The best thing about Yesmovies is the availability for users in different locations.

Features of YesMovies

This site is quite obvious just because it has comprised by many features that add a lot to its popularity. Here are some of the best features that have great value in interacting the people.

Clean the Apprehend

The website is capturing the attention of the people. People can use it without being hostile to paying or subscribing. It seems not difficult to navigate it, appears quite easy to make use of Yesmovies. Interestingly, the users can get advantages anytime and anywhere without having any trouble. The enjoyable thing is that it does not stop you to watch specific movies, all the movies can be enjoyed freely those are your favorite.

Various Genres

It comes in the best qualities of this site, there are more than 25 kinds of movies available for the users. If you have a taste to watch classical movies it is not a herculean task here to find.  This app has something for all ages and mindsets you can search for something that you love the most to watch.

Free Streaming

Being a user of this impressive website, this is a very fruitful and appreciated feature of this website that there is no cost to pay for enjoying the streaming.  It allows you to watch your preferred content at any time and any place when you just start using this website.

HD Quality

Hd quality also helps a lot to make a different sensation of this app from other websites. You can be more pleased when to watch the movies in full quality without paying even a single penny. Most of the time you start to watch the movie but due to having low-quality results, the movie does not make you delightful as you feel here.

Latest Release

You observe that the yesmovies app has a secret eye on the latest release. When a new movie has been released it can be seen here quickly, the site has the best priority to provide the users with new stuff. Comparatively, this is claimed on the other website to offer the latest release but all those have comprised unusual links and ads that compel the user to leave the website but you would not observe here.

Use it on the TV

This impressive app can be used on the big screen for full HD quality. This is where it comes to double your happiness, one is to provide movies and the second is to use it on the TV.


How to Download Movies on The YesMovies?

Even though you are not a regular user of this website but it seems very user-friendly to facilitate you at every level. As a result, it has very simple steps to download the movies without finding any difficulties to get your favorite movie. There are quite easy steps that need to follow to save the movie on your PC and mobile as well.

  1. Just open your Yesmovies.
  2. Signup/login your email.
  3. Search for your favorite movie.
  4. Click the thumbnail button.
  5. Look for the download option below in your video player.
  6. Press the download button.

The chances are very rare if you do not find a download option in your player, go and follow another method just copy the URL and use it on the third-party downloader tool.

Is YesMovies Safe to Use?

The Yesmovies is a platform to pay serious attention to the users’ privacy and make no harm to them. It has been observed that it does not demand the signing up or forced to share any personal information of the users. To some extent, this should be in the mind of the users, if there any kind of ad appears, avoid clicking and sharing your personal data and information.

Furthermore, this is not necessary here to open the popups and log in. Sometimes it seems there are invaluable ads for getting your personal data by tempting you with very fruitful offers. Summarizing it, this could be seen as not being a completely safe place.

Alternatives of YesMovies

Here, we are introducing some of the best alternatives that are also represented to be a free platform with different features and traits, so that, you can use them according to your requirements.


If you are looking for one another reliable source and cost-free platform to watch movies and series, YoMovies is a source to provide that service. Creating vogue among the users is just due to its easy layout. There is no need to be disturbed about anything here.

It has a plethora of shows and movies for the users to filter according to their taste. It is counted as user-friendly for having not many restrictions on ads while watching the movies. It assures the users get notified about the latest updates.


Hurawatch is also a platform to offer free movies, TV shows, and many other interesting Series to the users without demanding to pay even a single penny. It is also a growing platform that has gained great value from the users to quench their thirst by providing a thousand movies, TV shows, and many more. Considering a safe platform this has great importance among the users who look for free resources to watch movies.

Being an alternative, this is reflected to provide the same navigation system as the easy as Yesmovies has which the users like the most. More interestingly, you can download the movies on spot for watching later. There are more than 2000+ movies that you can watch free of cost with the best quality. The users get chances to update and get the latest release.


DosMovies come into existence to donate its service completely free. The users make utilization of this website to watch free movies, series, and TV shows here. This has the same power as appears while using yesmovies, to grab the attention of the people. People enjoy it a lot when they are searching to have a free platform for entertainment. The extra quality of this platform is to be a community platform for discussing the favorite movies, TV shows, and series with the other members. Moreover, you need not worry about paying or creating your account.

Vumoo Vip

You may see that Vumoo Vip is appearing with different features and interference. There are some of the components that are changed as likely to the Yesmovies. Once you explore this site it provides a sensation of happiness and pleasure. You can enjoy TV shows, series, and movies of high quality without having any problems.

The navigation system is also easy to utilize and need not signup here. Furthermore, the ads are very fewer but actually, the filter options are not many more which reduces the value of the whenever we compare it with yesmovies it does not lead. The filters can not be chosen here, based on the genre of the movies or TV shows.


Movie4u is a good website that is also working as YesMovies to provide free streaming to the users. This can be used without using VPN. Browsing multiple movies is very easy and you can filter the movies based on their types of genres. Find the latest movies and the date of their release can be found here without any kind of difficulty.

The quality of the steaming is very fascinated and users enjoy it a lot. We can also change the quality of the movies according to our requirements. The popups and ads are not the same as they appear on the other websites.

Flixtor Movies

The flextor movies also provide the best qualities of having free movie streaming with a lot of features. The user is never bored while using this magnificent site. It has good qualities to offer the users without demanding anything to pay.

The streaming is completely free, the database contains thousands of movies and web series of different ages. Seems it has been well organized without having the disturbance of appearing many ads but sometimes the navigation system seems not as easy as YesMovies offers.


This has gained great status to be popular over the world with very impressive features. Popcornflix has very neat interference for the users to enjoy and find any kind of show and film easily.

Just have to go to the search option where you can interact with hundreds of new content. This platform is very reliable that has a few policies to care for the privacy of the user. You are not bound to singin or share other private information here.

Primewire Movies

If you are curious to find free platforms which are offering free movies, primewire is also the best of them. It has a huge selection of free movies and TV shows similar to yesmovies. A bunch of free movies and TV are available here but to some extent, the users do not get a good experience when they see appearing ads in front of them.

If there is something interesting that was your favorite in your childhood you can watch it easily now. This is a platform that provides different genres like intimations, cartoons, or TV series.


BMovies is an alternative to YesMovies providing a bunch of movies free of cost with high quality. This has more than 2000 TV shows and 50000 movies to look at every kind of personal interest. Here is not difficult to find any popular movies in HD results.

Updating the new content and keeping an eye on the new release is the best thing about this site. But on the contrary, the interpretation of frequent ads and popups does not add good value to the user experience.

Important Questions People Ask About YesMovies:

How to Stop Ads on YesMovies?

This is actually a free platform where you notice some pop-up ads appear while you are watching the movie. It spoils your experience. Being saved from this kind of experience, you must install an adblocker app to stop the ads for keeping yourself safe from this unliked occasion.

Does it Need to Be Register On YesMovies?

There is no need to sign up or register on this website. Such are the websites that we use to watch movies or TV shows without sharing our personal information. The important thing is to come here and start watching the videos without registering or signing up here.

Has YesMovie Portal Any Virus?

Using the yesmovies website there may seem malware to affect your device, you will observe some of the time that there are some ads that actually are presenting to advertise some product but certainly, they have the virus in them to inflict your device for the certain objectives.

Final Words

YesMovies has created great value among movie lovers who are not willing to pay for watching.  As described in the above body of text, this impressive platform is not supported to offer just specific movies but took great part to offer Dozens of Tv series and movies for all ages of people.

They watch what they look for. Interestingly, some other alternatives we have shared but those cannot compete with this website. it is offering the most liked features and traits to the users.



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