Most people schedule dental checkups once or twice a year and are of the view that for other times they can manage dental care at home. Similarly, certain times you have to or want to visit a dentist other than these regular visits. Following are 10 reasons motivating you to find a dentist office near me and have a trip to the dentist as these can be an undiscovered issue putting you at greater risk of dental problems.

Ongoing Medical Issues 

You should visit a dentist if you are susceptible to dental issues like gum diseases or tooth decay; suffering from certain chronic conditions like heart diseases, eating disorders and diabetes; if you are undergoing any medical treatment like hormone replacement therapy or radiation; or you are taking prescribed drugs. In case of any of these, your dentist can advise you best ways for keeping your teeth healthy considering your medical history.

You Are Expecting

The hormonal changes in your body during pregnancy can put you at risk for tooth decay and other issues. Frequent teeth cleanings are needed during your pregnancy. You can talk to your dentist about offering you at-home routines.

Swelling or Pain

If your teeth are sensitive to cold or hot foods or beverages, mouth swelling or a numb tooth. These issues can be signs of serious health issues, like tooth decay, infection, gum diseases or a fractured tooth. If you will not get any treatment, these symptoms can get worse.

Gums are Bleeding or Swollen

You might notice red flags for building-up of plaque under your gum line leading to gum diseases or cavities. These can also sign up for a medical problem, like diabetes or even cancer. Your dentist can help you out in deep cleaning your teeth and can help you in identifying the underlying health condition.

Eating Hurts 

If you are facing difficulty in swallowing or chewing, there can be chances that you have an infected tooth, a cracked tooth or jaw disorder. Your dentist will identify the issue and recommend a treatment specific to your issue.

Dry Mouth 

If your mouth is always dry, you might be experiencing a medical issue or it can be a side effect of any medication. A dry mouth means that your mouth is not producing enough saliva for keeping your mouth moisturized. The dentist can help you out in this regard by recommending ways through which you can restore moisture to your mouth.

Bad Breath

Bad breath can lead to discomfort or self-consciousness in gatherings. At the same time, it can be a symptom of serious underlying issues for instance chronic bronchitis, infection or other issues. Your dentist can help you by identifying the reasons behind the bad breath and how you can cure it.

Jaw Locking or Popping

You feel pain in closing and opening your mouth, or even during chewing, or your jaw lock is opened or closed; all these are obvious signs of something wrong with your jaw. It can be a sign of cyst, tumour, or even temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ). A visit to your dentist can be helpful in solving the mystery and fixing the symptoms.



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