Expand your online visibility by building an immersive Virtual Booth! Simply upload onto a virtual event platform, your website, or social media channel for the greatest reach.

Virtual Booth Experiences allow your business to present your product home in the design of an interactive online experience. It is an innovative tool that can be shared at virtual exhibitions, or with your customers via email to give a real-life experience of your product variety on a virtual platform. An online virtual booth is a game-changer when presenting physically is not an alternative.

What is a Virtual Booth?

A virtual booth is a space where exhibitors can join and greet attendees, speak about their brand, and obtain leads. It normally displays the brand’s logo, product/service videos, and digital insurance. With the help of these, exhibitors can efficiently connect with the attendees in a visually appealing atmosphere and build long-lasting relationships by using audio/video/text chat.

Select Your Booth Strategy

How do you intend to accomplish this through your virtual booth? What are your audience’s requirements? It is necessary to brainstorm with your team about your intentions before plans are put in place.

Real-Time Demonstrations, Webinar Sessions & Practical Advice

Visitors can examine the booth based on their area of interest – Signage & Display, Professional Photo & Art, or Sportswear & Fashion – and explore the application and business opportunities feasible with HP.

How-to guides HP’s Virtual Booth is stuffed with information to improve your business through the COVID-19 pandemic, including in-depth guides on how to create essential products. These involve personalized reusable face masks, textile division panels, signage to support your community, and more.

Live Demos

These personalized, customer-led sessions are live via Zoom, presenting a fully interactive, real-time experience as near as possible to the real thing.

Illustrations of selected mid-volume printers, including the HP Latex 1500, 3000, and R-Series, are often reserved via the Virtual Booth.

Recordings of each gathering will be available for attendees to re-watch and distribute with colleagues.

Visitors can take a look around the Virtual Booth in a similar way to on a display floor, then receive real-time demonstrations and instruction in the technology that suits their business plans. Till we can meet again in person, the Virtual Booth will hold us connected to our community.

Benefits of a Virtual Booth

Increase Brand Recall

Virtual exhibitions have an enticing UX where users can:

  • Move around the virtual booth,
  • Interact with various components,
  • Have information presented within the sort of rich media content, and
  • Communicate with a virtual representative.

Generate More Leads

A virtual booth is of course accessible to a broad audience. Interested individuals across the world can visit your virtual booth with just a couple of clicks at their convenience. They don’t get to travel, arrange the required paperwork, or buy accommodation. As people can visit your booths from their current location with none hassle, the probabilities of individuals visiting your virtual booth are very high.

Enhance The Sales Experience

Virtual booths can reinvent the user experience by providing visitors an immersive, interactive, and interesting way of interaction. Individuals get a 360-degree experience of the virtual booth, which they will easily navigate through with their pointing devices.


Empower Yourself With Data

You can have access to data like: 

  • The audience demographics,
  • The booth elements that caught the eye of the visitors the foremost,
  • The documentation that users spent the foremost time reading, and
  • The things that didn’t click with a broad set of tourists, among others.

Be Open for Business Always

Virtual booths are often hosted round-the-clock for as long as you would like. People that forgot to attend your live event can visit your virtual exhibition at some time that the virtual booth is online. Having a virtual exhibition booth is like having a live exhibition that’s open for visitors 24×7.



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