To wrap one’s head around the concept of SAFe®, it is an abbreviation of the Scaled Agile Framework®. A set of patterns that hinge on workflow and organization, SAFe® is used mostly in the case of implementing agile practices at the enterprise scale. The entire framework can be likened to a structure of detailed instructions on how to go about managing and planning the work, the roles and responsibilities that come with it, and the values that one is expected to uphold throughout the process.

Since it centers around three cardinal pillars of knowledge, namely lean product development, systems thinking, and agile software development, it promotes mutual collaboration, delivery efficiency over a massive number of agile teams, and complementary alignment.

The most efficient way to navigate through the field of SAFe®  is by undergoing the SAFe®  Agilist Training. It should go without saying, but statistically speaking, it has been noted that undertaking the Agile certificate can produce a substantially greater number of results as compared to diving into the market with no prior knowledge of the field.

The SAFe® Agilist course imparts consistency, reliability, and efficiency for evaluating relevant knowledge, mentality, and skills on large-scale Agile projects. Some of the core values that are inculcated in anyone who undertakes the course are as follows.

Transparency in Dealings is Elementary

Big networks with a centralized node take a long time to diagnose and fix a potential problem. This is why the Agilist course promotes and teaches how to work in smaller groups. That way, any issues that can surface will be identified faster, in turn boosting the overall efficiency of the framework.

Leadership Holds the Key to Evolution

Taking initiative has changed the system more times than merely following in someone’s shadow ever did. The SAF Agilist course facilitates the nourishment of lean-agile leadership and paves the path for future leaders to mature into the best version of themselves.

Quality is Always at The Top of The List

While agility is the goal, the SAFe®  framework would collapse if it ever came at the cost of quality. The course coaches undertakers on verifying the completion of each step meticulously, and determine that the built-in quality has not been compromised.

Alignment is a Necessity for all Nodes in the Network to Work Effectively

An organization can never reach its highest potential if it lacks a thorough network of communication among its members. This is also why organizations that enforce internal levels of hierarchy take a long time to mature, or never at all. Only when everyone involved understands the goal and state of business can growth happen. The SAFe®  Agilist course pushes for this hive mentality.

Execution is the Step That Brings to Life the Project Everyone Worked On

No matter how well the framework functions or workers mesh together, unsatisfactory program execution can erase the effort invested in its entirety. The SAFe®  Agilist course stresses how to go about this without producing even a single fault.

Now that you have become aware of the benefits, go for the course and make sure your career has all that it needs to push forward.



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